Open House

{Loring Cornish’s (right) Baltimore home}

Open Houses are a great way to get a “sneak peek” into someones home/life. This weekend the fabulously passionate visionary/outsider artist Loring Cornish opened up his home in Druid Hill (Parkwood Avenue- Baltimore), and all I have to say, is that it was quite the spectacle! You may not believe me, but the floors, walls and even furniture are covered in the same fashion as the exterior his Baltimore home (I wasn’t kidding when I asked him if he slept in the bathtub – one of the few uncovered surfaces in the house – but he just laughed). If you ever have a chance, this house is definitely one to see (and more of his work is on display at AVAM). For more on Loring, check out this YouTube video, or Urbanite interview (click on videos-2).

And for some more “mainstream” (but still super cool) interiors of houses of artists and designers, check out the Design*Sponge “sneak peeks.”


  • Its funny, when I met this guy in person he seemed totally normal and not an “outsider” at all. But then I see his house here, and you can’t help but think he’s completely nuts! Even his bed is covered in objects?

  • The bed in his installation for “Home & Beast” at AVAM had a bed covered in objects. I didn’t see a bed at his home at all during the open house(which led me to ask if he slept in the bathtub…with the ambiguous answer of a laugh). We did see two chairs with cushions, but that was the extent of softness in the place…But you’re right. Looking at him, one would never expect this other world of his! He is so sweet and genuine though, I love that he’s nothing like a stereotypical “artist.”

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