Walk to It

One of the most redeeming qualities about living sans-car happened this weekend when I was borrowing my dad’s car. I was completely astonished that it cost $30 just to fill up a half tank (and mind you this was in rural VA, with better gas prices, and it was a small car – I can’t even imagine what an SUV would cost)! Hallelujah, thank god I don’t have to do this every week. Secretly I’m thinking to myself, if the rest of the population enjoys sitting in traffic, and keeps blowing their money on big, fancy cars with poor gas mileage (never mind insurance rates and up-keep), I’m going to become wealthy by default. And now that Flex Car and Zip Car [car share programs] have merged, I have even more vehicles available at the tip of my fingers (even in San Francisco, London or any other city with the program). I’m telling you, it’s the life. . . and you get to travel more to fun, exotic places with all the money you save.

But if you’re considering living life without a car, check out walkscore.com (thanks for the tip Michelle!). It’s a really cool site that calculates the walk-ability to basic amenities from your home (great for those shopping for a place to live too). My score of 58 out of 100 also doesn’t take into account the easy access I have around my office. What’s your score?


  • 91!! Arlington may be yuppie central, but you can’t underestimate the convenience of having everything within a few steps of your front door!

  • Perhaps not surprisingly, my pad in Mt. Vernon yielded an 88. I’ll definitely use this, though, if/when I relocate! Thanks for the great tip. ;-)

  • My house in SE Virginia got a 46, and I’d give it an even worse score because most of the landmarks it involve crossing four or six lane highways without sidewalks or crosswalks. Bummer.

    Having moved here from Philadelphia, where I walked absolutely everywhere, it’s even more painful. (I just checked my old address and it got a 100!).

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