Year of the…

New Year’s resolutions are over-rated. They are made only to be broken. I am a much bigger fan of themed years, also known as “The Year of the . . . “. Granted, my theme last year – The Year of the Doodle: my attempt at learning to draw – failed miserably. And I think I can honestly say that I spent more time of today’s “graphic representation” of this year’s theme than I did all year. But a failed themed still sounds better (a learning experience if you will) than a failed resolution (and in my defense I go to the gym religiously 3-5 times a week, so eat that slackers who make that their resolution). Perhaps I can make it up to myself and making doodling a secondary theme for this year. . . What is the [primary] theme of my 2008, you ask? Well, I’ll leave you to ponder yours (and post below in the comments), and I’ll post my official “The Year of . . . ” before the new year. Cheers!

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