A Year of Evenings

Nothing is better than when a project that starts out as something just-for-fun turns into something more. This fall I posted about the wonderful photoblog 3191: A Year of Mornings, by friends Stephanie and Mav who live 3,191 miles apart. Well, all of their hard work and creative efforts has paid off, and Princeton Architectural Press will be publishing a book full of their juxtaposed images of mornings throughout 2007 (due out sometime next fall). And the best part is, in 2008 the lovely ladies will be sharing “A Year of Evenings.”

And speaking of photo projects, check out Andrew Nagl‘s (who took my design*sponge introduction shot) Project 365 with a new image every day.

Finally, Happy MLK Day! Here’s a great NPR piece documenting the imagery (in murals) of Martin Luther King. (thanks, Lisa!)


  • That’s fantastic news. Stephanie’s and her sister’s blogs were two of the first I ever read regularly, and I remember when Stephanie and Mav started that photoblog, although I lost track of it not long after that.

    Such a small world, is it not?

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