Ace of Cakes

Yesterday was my friend Alex‘s birthday, and we all made up lies and pretended to be too busy to hang out. So she was super bummed, but really we had an elaborate plan cooked up with a restaurant week dinner in Little Italy and drinks at a favorite bar. But the icing on the cake (literally) was this cake I picked up at Lexington Market! (Not exactly a Charm City Cake aka Ace of Cakes). I have to say the naked woman cake was much more interesting than the man in the thong cake (also note that I did not special order this cake – there were several just waiting to be bought). Seriously though, can you get cakes like these anywhere or is it just a Baltimore thing?

Totally unrelated, but I recently saw a post on the lovely blog Perfectbound [studio] about the site meter they added, so with a little guidance from them (thanks ladies!) I added my own. Here I am thinking my parents and a few friends are the only ones reading my blog. Man, was I wrong! Thanks to everyone who stops by, and from all around the world! Also, welcome to everyone who found me via the Budget Travel blog map post yesterday.


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