Baltimore’s Finest

I can only imagine that crack is like watching The Wire because myself, coworkers, friends and even my mom are completely hooked. The brutally honest, but fascinating look at Baltimore has us talking non-stop about the show like we’re intimately involved. Tonight Season 5 – the final chapter in David Simon’s “visual novel” – airs at 9pm on HBO. The show is repeatedly hailed as “the best TV you’re not watching.” Just make sure you start with Season 1. . . (More past posts on The Wire here).

On a lighter note, Josh Lefkowitz is back on tap at CENTERSTAGE with Now What?, his laugh out loud, second installment monologue about the highs and lows of being a struggling artist. Now through January 20th.

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  • Best. Show. Evah.

    McNulty *sigh*, Omar, Stringer….I could go on and on….but each season unfolds beautifully and instensely.

    If someone says to me “I tried watching The Wire, but it was so slow” I tend to judge them. ;)

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