As I gear up for my map making workshop, here are a few of my favorite inspiration maps these days:{The HOW Design Conference poster designed Clifford Stoltze and team}

{ORK city posters– gotta love a good map and great typography . . via D*S}

{Transit Maps of the World by Mark Ovenden – I am such a geek, but I LOVE this book . . . more great info on the subject on the H&FJ blog}

{[Pentagram designer] Paula Scher‘s map paintings on display until January 26 at the Maya Stendhal Gallery in NYC . . . via Gothamist}

{Wall sized map from Urban Outfitters to plan my next route … or I could really go for one of these old-school pull down maps}

And speaking of maps, check out this awesomely addictive Traveler IQ test! (Thanks for the tip, Stelios!).


  • That mapmaking workshop looks marvelous. I make maps but I’ve been winging it up to this point. I already have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time in Baltimore once that exhibit arrives, but now, that workshop would give me a really good excuse to drive up there. Hmmm….

    Your blog is charming from top to bottom. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

    (here via Google Alert on “cartography.”)

  • You’re so welcome, Anne! Thanks for stopping by.

    I am very excited, myself. I can’t WAIT. I was quite upset – probably far more than is reasonable – that I couldn’t just hop off to Chicago. And now I don’t have to… Baltimore is only three hours away.

    I am sure it will be magnificent.

  • That sounds like an awesome workshop. When I lived in Cape Town I painted a world map above my bed- but later felt I should have gone with my first idea, of a big map of the Indian ocean. -X

  • You are RIGHT, right, right, I desperately want to sign up for that workshop…

    … as soon as I can figure out how to swing it!

    Your design*sponge article makes me want to move to Baltimore (or short of that, least visit a lot more often, which isn’t totally unfeasible). Well done.

  • I would say one word to describe the new exhibition Maps: Finding Our Place in the World: incredible. Everything in this exhibition is an incredible example of mapping, sure, but also history, art, literature, technology, psychology… it hits on so many different aspects of life. I was recently at a preview where the curator, Will Noel, walked us through the exhibition. When He asked us how long ago we thought the Chinese men had mapped out their paths & routes on stone while estimating the gridlines accurately, he said…1130 B.C. What?! Incredible! This exhibition had me saying that a lot! It’s a chance to see and learn about rare art and artifacts for all ages. I definitely say it is a must see!

    Go to for more info and to see videos of the curator talking about the exhibition.

  • Thanks for the info Anna! (it’s a post coming real soon, but I though I’d wait until I go to the opening reception tonight). I can’t wait!!!! And thanks for the great link. I must say the one thing I’ve been underwhelmed with is the website– not too easy to navigate for a show about maps (an not a fan of the overall branding, but that’s me being a design snob). Your link had the info I’ve been searching for!


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