I’m a Little Sponge*

It’s official! I’m the newest sponge in town. I’ve been working with Grace, as her intern for the last couple weeks, and I couldn’t be happier! The first time I ever read design*sponge, I was in love, and now I’m a part of it!!! I’ll be managing the sneak*peeks into artists and designers’ homes, researching new artists (on etsy) and collaborating on all sorts of fun projects. Nothing else changes – my day job goes on, as does Prêt à Voyager [“Ready to Travel”] – I get to do it all! Check out my full introduction here.

And a special thanks goes out to my super talented photographer, Andrew Nagl (ahem, he’s only 15!) for making me look like a star! Below is a picture I shot of him during our photo shoot in the alley behind Load of Fun. The pile of trash cracks me up! Ah, Baltimore. . .


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