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I was super excited when Joyce Hesselberth of Spur Design (one of my favorites) sent me the link to their new blog, Kid Baltimore. No, I don’t have any kids, nor do I plan on having them anytime soon, so I guess I’m just a superfan of this new blog because I’m a kid at heart (and it features Baltimore in a positive light through family-friendly kid eyes). I’m sure a ton of adults would benefit from this site, seeing as they probably haven’t been to half the places either. The posts are succinct and to the point, nicely featuring a variety of places and the activities to do at each place (that aren’t necessarily your run of the mill responses). And the best part is that all the info is right there (including a link to mapquest directions). The comments are a great way to provide feedback, your own ideas and see what others are saying.

I was a huge fan of the adult version, but now Ellen and Julia Lupton (Ellen is Baltimore based, go Baltimore!) have done it again and come out with D.I.Y. Kids. Seeing as I used to wake my mom up at 6am as a kid because I wanted to “make something,” I definitely could have used this book then. Fun for all ages, as far as I’m concerned.
To top of it, one of my favorite bloggers, Irene, of Bloesem, has just started a spin off blog, BloesemKids, featuring beautiful products just for kids. It’s kind of amazing how much cool kid stuff is out there!

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