Poster Places

It’s only Wednesday and I’ve already found myself riding the rails between Baltimore and DC twice this week. An easy ride, it’s only about an hour between the two cities on Amtrak or (for a whopping $7) on the MARC commuter train. Every time I’m at Union Station I admire the fabulously classic posters by Michael Schwab {above and below}. I love the bold colors and sense of place to encourage train travel. Well done, Amtrak! Along the same lines, it’s no secret that I love anything that encourages people to travel, so I was super excited this week when I checked Jennifer Hill’s Places I Have Never Been blog and saw her latest project which was a special commission {below} for Tourism Vancouver. The visual and text she created make Vancouver a really intriguing place to visit. Click here to learn more about her design, and I suspect there will be more sketches and background research to come on her blog.
{Update: new post about what inspired the print here}.


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