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The day I bought my ticket to Berlin last fall I saw a post about Kwikshop on Designer’s Library. I think it was a sign. Kwikshop is a really cool concept store that looks more like an ice cream stand than a design shop, where the inventory isn’t vast, but it sure is clever (my favorite purchase was a stamp that says “diamond ring” – in German – that you stamp around your finger). Oh, and you can “order” from the kiosk window out front. How fun!When it comes to design in Berlin, Stilwerk (Kartell shop top left) is the mecca of it all. It’s essentially a shopping mall, but way more fun, with (generally) high end stores to dazzle your home. For stationery, RSVP (top right) in the Mitte has a charming collection of paper products and accessories (I was a huge fan of the map postcards where with needle and thread that you sew before you mail to show where you’ve been). OK-Versand (bottom left) was a definite favorite with their goods from around the world that were totally affordable, fun and things you don’t see everywhere. Berlinomat (bottom right) features contemporary design goods- go at lunch and grab a quick bite in their cute cafe.

Also of note were Luxus International – described as an artist laboratory, it’s kind of what you’d expect a store of Etsy artists to be like, plus some fun stylin’ Berlin souvenirs; Mamsell – a chocolate + gift shop in one; and Mobilien filled with tons of fun and colorful gifts (from German “breakfast boards” – way more fun than using a plate – to metallic gnomes!). And it was closed when I was there, but Smart Travelling is definitely a store that would be right up my alley!

For more on my Berlin favs, use the blogger search bar on the top left corner of my blog or check out my flickr albums here. And feel free to add your own to the comments section below!


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