So You Think You Can Dance?

For over a year now, my friends can tell you that my life has been scheduled around one thing- Body Jam. Every Tuesday and Wednesday you better have a damn good reason to tear me away from my pre-choreographed cardio dance class at the gym with my might-as-well-be-in-a-music-video rock star teacher (aka, the best gym class in the world; even Christiana in Cyprus takes the class!). And if that’s not enough, I’ve been know to break out the moves in the streets of Baltimore and the clubs of New York.

What really started my love of the dance was a hip-hop dance class when I was a student in Paris. Studio Harmonic (pictured above) was my first encounter with a professional dance studio, and I figured, I’m in Paris, why not take a hip-hop class? It was kind of fabulous being in class with a thirty-something, a seven year old [boy] and a whole bunch of teenage girls, and not to have a clue what I was doing, and the added bonus of it being in French. As much as I loved my French rap, Choukri (who didn’t speak English) much preferred the likes of Michael Jackson and “You Rock Rock My World.” I returned to the class two years later when I was working in Paris, and now on every subsequent visit I make sure I’m in town for my Wednesday afternoon tous-niveau [all levels], 15 Euro, hour and a half hip-hop rendezvous. While the Louvre is great and all, I’d much rather experience the mundane rather than see what I’m “supposed” to see. And I have hip-hop to thank for teaching me that lesson.

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  • i love that they have “hermann” chairs just like our artstudio. great link – thanks! my daughter is going to live there this next year and she will love to stop in for a class there…

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