The New York [check] List

2008 is my “Year of the List” so I figured it was high time to check some things off the growing to-do list.

  • New Museum (see yesterday)
  • Kelly & Ping for noodles with Grace (yay! finally!) in Soho
  • Chelsea Market (the former National Biscuit Company with a fabulous interior of industrial meets decay)
  • The “best espresso in town” (according to Quinzio, or in my case, hot chocolate)
  • Paula Scher map paintings at Maya Stendhal Gallery (GREAT show, extended two weeks)
  • Small, but stylish Sartorialist exhibition at Danzinger Projects
  • Amazing journals and prints of Dan Eldon:the Journey is the Destination (my hero!) at the Candela/Decker Gallery
  • The make-shift memorial for Heath Ledger outside of his apartment (just happened upon this)
  • Dinner with more friends in Park Slope at Song (super delicious and super cheap Thai)
  • Drinks at the library-esque bar Union Hall (complete with their own bocce courts!)
  • Hoboken (fabulous view of the city!)
  • Ingo Mauer (cool show, now closed) at the mansion turned Cooper-Hewitt museum
  • Playtime in Bedford Hills with my 3 first cousins once removed (so cute!)

Tip for the trip: Chinatown bus is only $35 roundtrip from Baltimore, Philly or DC- a complete steal (and only 3 hours – depending on traffic – from Bmore).

Next visit: Fuerzabruta and the Typographic Tour (when it’s warmer), and maybe check out a thing or two on this Project Runway “guide” from Budget Travel. Yes, just when you think you’ve done it all, there’s always more.


  • I love modern technology for many reasons, but not least because it enabled me to call Baltimore this morning from Honolulu and sign up for a mapmaking workshop I never would have known was happening if it weren’t for your blog, upon which I am now leaving a comment from 5,000-ish miles away. See? Wondrous.

    I will be looking forward to it.

    Love those map paintings. Have long been awed by Dan Eldon. And have always heard good things about that Chinatown bus.

  • I did enjoy the museum, not everything in it, but I thought it was well done. I also really liked their project ‘museum as hub.’ . . . Found the Project Runway thing on the Budget Travel website- love the magazine, but also check their website and blog often.


  • Hi Anne,

    I love your website! I used to live in Baltimore for many years (went to college there) but now I am back in my native NY, living and working in NYC. Newyorkology is a great resource. I love your checklist…Since I’ve just recently moved into the city, I’ll be making a checklist of NYC things to do too.

    And — I already have one for my next visit to Baltimore, which includes the Map exhibit opening up soon at the Walters, and the latest AVAM show. Maybe our paths will cross on a future trip to Balto or NYC, since it seems we share interests in travel and art.


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