Castro Speaks

With Cuba in the news, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite snapshots from my time in Havana.

Friendly faces and beats on the streets.
Classic cars- I love them, but do Cubans want them or are they just a facade for tourists?

Tourist shop with nuns.

Hearing Castro speak. He averaged about 2 hours/per question! (And then there was a party…)


  • I have been reading your blog with sheer delight! I love your themes and ideas and photos!!! These BW pics taken in Cuba really tell a story and I can feel what the country is about.
    You have a great eye for pictures and quality and whatever you do dont stop blogging!

  • So sweet! Thanks, anon.

    Yes, Wendy, it was AMAZING. As soon as we arrived in the port there was a live band playing salsa and friendly students with Cuban flags for us. The architecture, the people, the cars,the dancing, the mojitos- such a sense of place. And having a special event + party where Castro spoke to us was just the icing on the cake.

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