DIY: Sequin Taxidermy Form Bookends

Disclaimer: hopefully I don’t scare anyone away with this post, but just wanted to prove to you that I actually DO half the things I post about. Over the weekend I finished my sequin taxidermy form prairie dog bookends (inspired by the works of Nancy Josephson) at the two week workshop I took at AVAM. Not your average bookend, but they sure are fun!

Materials: Prairie dog taxidermy forms (yep, that’s what they usually use to stuff animals), lots of sequins in different sizes and shapes, multi-colored pins and one tough thumb (I swear mine is still numb!). Each one probably took 5+ hours.

Anyone have any good ideas for names for my little fellas?

P.S. If these aren’t really your speed, click here for some other great DIY projects, or why not enter your own into the D*S DIY Contest (with lots of great prizes)?


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