I Heart

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Sick of the commercialized holiday (I grew up in Hallmark country, aka Kansas), I opted to create my own alternative valentines. Inspired by Chocolate Scrabble* and Helvetica, I designed my own “i [heart] helvetica” chocolates . . . ok, so I only made the wrappers ;).

Speaking of helvetica [font], my friend Angie has a friend who is a roller girl in Ohio with the derby name, HELLvetica. How great is that??? For you locals, maybe you can catch her in action the bout this Sunday when the Charm City Roller Girls face off against the Ohio Roller Girls at the Baltimore Armory [note: NEW location]. Roller Derby is another thing I heart.

Also, sorry for the late notice, but Frank Warren of PostSecret will be at AVAM today [free] from 3-6pm.

* First discovered on Hi + Low and ever since it appeared in the D*S trend, I’ve seen on some of my favorite design blogs: ilovetypography, core77, swissmiss and HOW .


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