Stay Smart

Far too many people think I live some charmed life or perhaps wonder if I’m the product of a trust fund (trust me, I am NOT) because I’m always planning my next trip. In fact, thanks to my grandparents, I’m the most frugal person I know. When it comes to travel, I play it smart. More often than not, I travel where I know people. Not only does this make for GREAT recommendations and insider info, but it often leads to free housing (I’ll admit I’m still at the point in life where I’m content with a couch and pillow) or good recommendations for cheap sleeps. So I LOVE what Holiday Inn Express‘s latest “Stay Smart, America” advertising campaign is doing by showing how much presidential candidates could have saved on their campaigns had they stayed at a Holiday Inn. So clever and how cute are all the candidates in their pajamas! (via Budget Travel).

P.S. DC, MD and VA, don’t forget to VOTE today.

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