Charm City ReMix

After meeting for the first of my two-day Walters/MICA collaborative workshop this weekend (with Will Noel, the curator of the MAPS exhibition), I’m more excited than ever for next week’s class when we get to make our own maps. I really like the simplicity of this one – Charm City ReMix -by Kinga Ford which is part of the Contemporary Museum’s contribution to the Baltimore Festival of Maps. Not only is it a map, but it’s part of a site specific fictional narrative “walking tour” around the Washington monument. Download audio here or borrow an iPod from the Contemporary.


  • Oh my god! I took a course with Kianga Ford in college. She was amazing- such an intelligent, creative, articulate artist that I found her just as intimidating as I found her inspiring. And now I see that she’s also an awesome map maker, too. -X

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