Invasion of the Maps

It’s official, the Festival of Maps has officially rolled into Baltimore! Inspired by the Festival of Maps Chicago, I’m so excited that Baltimore has it’s own version (albeit not quite as flashy). Events and exhibits are happening all over town for the next few months. Friday night I made it to the Walter’s for their opening of Maps: Finding Our Place in the World, an incredible exhibit with maps of all shapes and sizes, some that are hundreds of years old. Upstairs on the 4th floor you can find Maps on Purpose, a wonderful community-art based project for which the maps above were created. Below are some links that will set you off exploring:

(images created in Art on Purpose artistic map-making workshops with 23 different Baltimore communities via

P.S. I’m completely thrilled and honored to see that I’m Write to Travel‘s “travel blog of the week.” Write to Travel is an incredible resource – out of New Zealand – for all things related to travel writing.


  • congrats on being blog of the week!!! your fans have always known you were a superstar. we didn’t need to be told ;)

    by the way… LOVE the maps. as a graphic designer at heart I adore the visual variety they offer.

  • Congrats on being blog of the week! That honor is very much deserved- you’re always at the top of my must read list.

    This Festival of Maps sounds awesome! I’ve been wanting to make some maps of Bangkok neighborhoods- nothing to rival Dorothy Chandler, but just to highlight my favorite spots. Do you have any favorite maps you could share as inspiration?


  • Thanks Franki and Xander! :)

    As for the maps, Xander, I’ll surely be posting more over the next couple months. My friend just gave me a wonderful book of maps called “you are here” which I need to explore further. I’m actually taking a 2 day workshop later this month- one day with the curator of the Maps exhibit, and the second is a map-making workshop at MICA [art school]. I too would love to make maps of my favorite places (and one day of my travels).


  • umbc also did a mapping project. design students and cartography students from umbc worked with baltimore schools to map their communities. they will be on exhibit at the walters as well, the last weekend in april. i’m one of the umbc students that did this and some of the maps came out welllll…you know. but some of them came out really good (or really funny. we were supposed to map the students communties but some people took a creative liscence and mapped out other things. pancakes for example.)

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