Modern China

In a post last week on Primitive Culture, Xander mentioned an Australian photographer who complained about the lack of the “exotic” he was looking for on a trip to Bangkok, saying it was just like any other city. I admit, I had a bit of a similar disillusionment when I first arrived in China (but, really, what were my expectations based on?). At the end of the day it was more my fault as a traveler for creating false expectations. But there’s one thing for sure, whenever I want a dose of culture, I find a local market – there’s no better way to discover a place than through locals and the food they eat. {above: Shanghai in 2002 starts celebrating the arrival of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.}

GIANT cucumber in Shanghai indoor market (with a side of peace).

Flopping fish at a Hong Kong street market I happened upon. You can’t help but laugh out loud by what is normalcy to everyone else passing by. But the fish just wouldn’t stay on the mat!

Hong Kong nut and spice shop.

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