The downside of the internet is that it’s hard to tell that this 600 pixel image is really an extraordinary 12 ft [wide] painting in real life. I’m a huge fan of Baltimore-based artist James Rieck with his over-sized canvases and tight cropping. His latest show “Annual Report” – scenes that look like something straight out of “Mad Men” – opens tonight at the Lyons Wier – Ortt Gallery in NYC. If anyone is at a loss for what to get me for my birthday tomorrow, I’ll gladly accept any of his works as a gift! I really love some of Reick’s older works [below] that translate vintage Sears catalog styles into works of art (it looks like a photo, but I swear it’s paint!).

Or if you’re in Baltimore this weekend, two of my favorite graphic designers, Nolen Strals and Bruce Willen of Post Typography (you’ve probably seen their work in the NYT but didn’t know it) have a show opening – Public Print Lab where the gallery is converted into “a miniature, quasi-automated, open source publishing house”Saturday at the the Creative Alliance. On through April 26th.


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