I’m not really sure what rock I was living under when “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset” came out. All I know is that my friend Margaret – a traveler extraordinaire that puts me to shame – said I would love them, and she was right! I think the first, “Before Sunrise,” was my favorite – a young Ethan Hawke (the American = hot) and Julie Delpy (la Francaise) hit it off on a train only to spend the remainder of their day together in Vienna in constant conversation of the getting-to-know-you-know-we-hit-it-off-but-not-sure-where-it-could-go type romantic fairy tale abroad. Then I loved that the sequel “Before Sunset” was filmed 9 years later (in Paris!…including along the Prominade Plantee– my favorite place to go running), and left just as much in question about where their love affair would go. In short, simply charming! P.S. If anyone has a job for me in Paris, I’m gladly accepting offers! P.S.S. Why does the dollar have to be so weak these days???


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