The New Guide in Town

As soon as I saw this little tidbit on the Budget Travel blog I knew I had to know more. I’m a sucker for guides, and have had a long time love affair with Chronicle Books, so the combo of two got me super jazzed when I discovered this new series: IDEO Eyes Open by Fred Dust. Currently only for London and New York these books don’t take the typical approach to guidebooks. Travel becomes less about must-sees with a focus shift to the local experience, “reminding us all to keep our eyes open in the world to gain a better sense of how we fit in.” Get a sneak peak of some of the great pages of places here.

I love all design*sponge city guides for the same reason – they shift the focus to the local experience (with the added bonus of a design twist). There are over 20 cities, and growing every week.

And while on the topic of travel and guides, check out this wonderful interview with favorite travel writer, Lara Dunston.


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