3-in-1 Style

One of my greatest flaws in life is that I fill any bag I pack, but it is also one of my best assets, as my friends are constantly in awe of how light I’m able to travel. “Is that it? Where’s the rest of your stuff?” Especially after all the drama with airlines and lost luggage I do everything in my power to pack carry-ons (if I have to check luggage coming home, c’est la vie), so this little dress from J.Crew that is a 3-in-1 is my new favorite piece. Not only does it hardly take up any space, it doesn’t really wrinkle, and you can wear it as a skirt or two different style dresses (empire tank or longer). It was pretty great to be sitting out getting sun on the docks behind Sam’s Cafe (on Tiburon), decide I didn’t want tan lines (I was in skirt form), go into the bathroom and re-emerge with a dress. If a dress had super powers, this would be it.

{sanur dress images via jcrew}


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