Green Day

When I first met Thryn and Gabe they were already engaged and planning a green wedding. I’d check in to their wedlog to see how it was coming along as they documented every detail from the origami flowers to Thryn’s homemade dress. But they had two secrets that they couldn’t share with their friends until the big day.

First, the wedding was going to be filmed by the Sundance Channel for their “Big Ideas for a Small Planet” series (that airs TONIGHT at 9pm). Second – and my absolute favorite part – was that they choreographed a ‘secret dance‘ which all their friends in the wedding party learned through a how-to DVD they created and mailed out. Then in the middle of the reception the whole crew broke out into dance. Fabulous or what!?! Learning a dance is green too ;)

Happy Earth Day! For more great information on being green, check out Thryn’s main blog about sustainable issues (or their latest blog about their new Peace Corps stint in Cameroon).

{images by CVI Photography via Thryn’s wedlog}


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