Places I Have Been

In honor of my favorite TODAY show series, Where In the World is Matt Lauer? (that started a new edition this morning with the first stop: Buenos Aires), I thought it only fitting to finally show what I cooked up at the Walters/MICA mapmaking workshop I took a few weekends ago.
There were two major sources for inspiration. First, Paula Scher‘s large scale typographic maps, and secondly, the wonderful patterns Jennifer Hill creates based on “Places I Have Never Been.” A play on that idea, I opted to create a map of the “Places I Have Been” (ok, so there are 28 countries on my map, and technically there are two I have not been to, but I leave two weeks from Thursday so I couldn’t help myself!).
This was my first attempt at painting since elementary school, and I must say it was highly therapeutic. A nice excuse to not sit in front of a computer screen! I’m not sure if it’s finished yet, but the image above is where it stands.

Also, a quick note about the Maps on Purpose Symposium [building connectivity in Baltimore] coming up at the Walter’s Art Museum on May 10th. It is free and open to the public, but advanced reservations are required. I attended last year’s symposium and highly recommend it. This year’s theme is part of the larger Baltimore Festival of Maps taking place around the city.


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