Wish I Was There

As I recover from my red eye and my incredible non-stop weekend of fun in SF just wanted to put up a quick post to say I’m back. There will be plenty more coverage + pictures as the week goes on, but in the meantime, here are some highlights:

  • coming home with a “tan” = best weather ever! mid 70s and sunny the entire time
  • watching people do tai chi in the park
  • seeing artists at work in the museum and kids eager to learn about art
  • experiencing Berkeley
  • scoping out my favorite publishing house
  • adult sno-cones at the Gallery 16 “When Hell Freezes Over” (and Rex Ray) opening
  • a restaurant opening with free beer and an owner wearing a furry leopard print thong, red cape and rollerblades
  • seeing the “painted ladies” made famous by the opening scene of “Full House”
  • buying olives to cure at the farmer’s market (note: I hate olives)
  • watching a hip-hop troupe rehearse in the park
  • dinner with amazing friends (a worldly crew who all had either traveled around the world, done the Peace Corps or both!)
  • finding out what a pirate shop is really like
  • missing the last ferry back from Tiberon and hitch-hiking back to San Fran…in a Land Rover!
  • walking until I could walk no more


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