Cleared for Take Off

Over the past two weeks my life has been somewhat of a “perfect storm” – a whole new level of stress, overload and health problems throwing me off course, even making this trip look like it was up in the air. But on Monday the doctor cleared me for take off! Granted, I still have a few more curve balls I’ll be fending off- from last minute medications that leave me more susceptible to food poisoning and a malaria medicine that is known to make you crazy (not to mention that it’s monsoon season, Myanmar (cyclone) borders Thailand and Monday’s earthquake in China was felt as far away as Bangkok). But seeing as my dad and I didn’t make the cut for The Amazing Race (who knows why not, but yes, we made a cheesy video and applied), I figured I may as well spice things up and give myself an adventure. Wish me luck!

I have a few posts planned while I’m away, and a great guest blogger filling in all next week! You’ll just have to wait until Monday to see who it is. . .

P.S. Thanks to Travel Hacker for including me in their 100 Best roundup!

{airplane views by Troy M. Litten}


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