Kinetic Sculpture Race

If keeping a blog has taught me anything about myself it’s that my life isn’t always “normal.” On Monday I got an email in my inbox from my friend Santa saying, “I came across this write up on your event at some blog. Is that you in the white rabbit costume?” Strangely enough my response was yes. And if last weekend’s bunny escapade wasn’t enough, tomorrow I get to take on a new persona as a “kinetic kop” with my best bud, Sheriff Felice.The Kinetic Sculpture race is a 15 mile race around Baltimore – on land, in water, through mud and sand – powered by 100% human strength. Did I mention that the winner of the race is the “Most Mediocre”? Of all the events that happen in this city, this is one I’ve somehow managed to escape. But tomorrow I’ll be in it deep as a “cop” – checking for security, writing tickets (for important things like the presence of a sock creature on board), and accepting bribes while riding around in our pimped out surrey with our blinged out aviator sunglasses and holsters. Definitely should be a hoot! It’s kinda like how I’d imagine San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers, but with vehicles and without the alcohol – basically it’s all crazy.
For more about AVAM’s Kinetic Sculpture Race click here, and the 2008 spectator guide is here. Come by and say hi. (P.S. Spectator costumes encouraged). Clearly it’s one of the best weekends in Baltimore. Here’s what else is happening as if that’s not enough:

{Fifi and map via KineticBaltimore}

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