Packing 101

Last month when I posted about my great new 3-in-1 dress (which I’ll be taking 2 of with me), TravelMuse left a comment inquiring about my skill when it comes to packing. I thought what better time than now, when I’m doing exactly that. Whether packing for a long weekend or a week and a half, seriously, it’s the same thing. It’s like a puzzle using as few pieces as possible to get the maximum result.

  • You pack it, you carry it (thanks mom and dad)
  • Pack versatile outfits and (minimal) shoes that you can dress up and down. Comfort can still be stylish.
  • Pack your bag (or in my case pile everything together on the bed) with everything you plan on taking a day or two in advance (including what you’re wearing on the plane…even shoes). That way it ensures you have a little extra room to bring home souvenirs and lets you think about if you’re missing anything.
  • Aim for carry on there (lose the fear of lost baggage) and if you have to check bags on the way home, so be it.
  • Be brutal. What do you really need? Are you really going to wear it? or is it “just in case”? (When I had a car I used to throw everything and anything in it, but now that I live without wheels I’m forced to think about what I really need).
  • If there’s something you forgot/need, buy it there! Anything from a foreign country is fun to come home with.
  • Don’t be afraid of doing laundry. Washing clothes in the hotel sink takes all of 5 minutes. (check out the “mini” aisle of your local pharmacy- I just picked up some Tide for travel packets).

{“if only packing your suitcase were as simple as checking in from home” ad by BBH London via got ads?}


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