T Minus One Week

With my crazy schedule lately, it’s hard to believe that one week from today I’ll be in the air on my way to Cambodia and Thailand. I’ve hardly had time to get excited because there’s been so much else to deal with in life, but now it’s so close I can feel it. Over the next few posts, I’ll be sharing my preparations and look forward to hearing any tips and tricks you have to share. . . And don’t worry, I have a fabulous guest blogger lined up while I’m gone to keep you company and itching to travel.

But first up, a quick mention of the Nancy Chandler Thailand maps [above]. These are handmade [reproduction] maps she’s been making since the 70s (but regularly updated) with local flair and insider tips (so clearly I’m in love with them). I can’t wait to take mine to the streets of Bangkok and add my own favorite finds.


  • What a coincidence! I’ll be there at the same time too ;-)

    Glad to see you’re still kicking!

  • I really liked these maps when I was in Thailand a month ago. I still have lots of photos to put up for everyone to see.

    You are going to be in heaven when you eat the street food that is available in Bangkok as well as in Chiang Mai. I will also fly to Cambodia at the end of this month to finally see Angkor Wat.

    Have a great time!


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