The Color of Perfection

{advertising images via Korean Air}

On our first 17 hour flight, I became mildly obsessed – to put it lightly – with the flight attendants on Korean Air. They were all dressed impeccably in the “color of perfection” (mint blue is the best way I’ve come up with to describe the color) ensembles involving costume changes from satin shirts with tied scarves, cardigans, aprons (for food and beverage time), tan skirt or pant and fitted blazer, with hair tied back in the most perfect bun and crossed-ribbon as the final touch. Watch the videos to check out their AMAZING style (and branding)! Who knew such a long flight could turn into an amazing fashion show.


  • How awesome. I’m sooo into uniforms and fantasize all the time about what uniforms I’d design for my co-workers. Costume changes (in the airplane bathroom??) steps it up several notches.

  • Those are awesome. I love the idea of flight attendant uniforms being a lingering trace of the glamorous days of air travel- like LaCroix doing Air France (though those weren’t as sharp as they should have been, really).

    Was great meeting you in Bangkok! Gives reading your entries a new dimension. -X

  • Korean Air is running these commercials on the “Captivate” video screens in my office elevators.

    You can tell which airlines really care about their customers by how their crews look and act in the terminal building. Every time I see a Virgin Atlantic crew, I feel like I’m watching “Catch Me if You Can”. (Remember the scene about Pan Am stewardess selection in the Miami airport?) They really class up the joint!

  • S- Yes, the planes were blue, but more of an 80s blue and less of the gorgeous blue they’ve chosen for their clothing/advertising (which I noticed, I’m immediately drawn to now…I didn’t notice until yesterday that the shirt I was wearing – a purchase from the big Bangkok weekend market – was the very color of the flight attendants. Clearly it stuck with me.

    X & K – Yes, it’s very true about good design meaning good business. The flight attendants on my final United leg seemed so doubty and unkept compared to Korean Air. At least I had great style to stare at for the majority (20+ hours) of my travels :)


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