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As I woke up to pouring rain in the middle of the night (that continues now), I couldn’t help but think of the potential monsoon rains awaiting me in Thailand (that’s the beauty of traveling with an atmospheric scientist, I actually pay attention to the weather). But according to weather woman Michelle, monsoon rains usually happen in spurts and likely won’t ruin our entire day. Also, it may be a blessing in disguise as it will help to lower the 100 degree weather in our forecast! yeesh! {spatial forecast model map via NOAA….thanks, Michelle!}

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  • You should certainly be prepared for some monsoon downpours, but just as your friend said, they’ll likely only last for an hour or so at a time. If you’re lucky enough to get stranded in a cafe, it can be the perfect excuse to enjoy a leisurely afternoon refreshment while listening to the drops pouring down. -X

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