Patterns of Cambodia

Before I left for my trip, I saw this totally inspiring post on “how to make a repeat pattern” by Julia Rothman for the design*sponge guest blog. While in Cambodia I found myself staring at the floor more often than not. Stunning tile patterns graced temples, shops and the street adding so much charm and character to the place. Check out more Cambodia patterns in my new flickr set. Now I’m inspired to make my own…


  • My, my, I never realized how much time you were staring at the floor. And wow did that pay off!

    Guess I need to stop staring at the sky so much ;-)

  • Wow, those are dazzling! I love the floor-tiles of Southeast Asia- they had so much character to shops and cafes. (I’ve certainly dreamed of painting my patio to echo them whenever I settle down). -X

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