One of our last days in Thailand, Michelle made the comment that this trip made her want to be a tourist at home (DC for her) for a weekend and do all the things she’s been wanting to do and visit the places that she only went to because it was an elementary school field trip back in the day. Since our return, ‘staycations’ – the idea of travel without venturing far from home – are everywhere I look (can you say high gas prices???). While I’d hope that this isn’t really a new concept, I love anything that encourages people to get out and do something different.

My favorite example is from Abbey of Abbey Goes Design Scouting (found via cup of jo)- where her week in New York was less of a tourist, and more as a traveler, and with style (and she shares beautiful pictures of her experience).

The June/July issue of Readymade provides a handful of highly entertaining alternative vacations. (My fav may be to pick up some Tang, astronaut ice cream and video chat with your friends back on Earth). [online page 74-75]

Staycations even graced the cover of the travel section of the Baltimore Sun this weekend. Check out the link for all sorts of Maryland events happening this summer.

Where are you headed on your next staycation???

{images from my staycation weekend in Baltimore – sights around Charles Village and Hampden’s Hon Fest . . . makes you wish you were in Baltimore, ay?}

P.S. Congratulations to “In the Heights” for their high honors at last night’s Tony Awards. (See my original post on the musical that’s making a name for itself here).


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