The People: Siem Reap

The way I take pictures changes depending on where I am. I’ve always loved people pictures, but can’t help but find it odd to ask to take a picture of a complete stranger in a big city. But Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) made for a great first stop. This smaller – but drastically growing with the huge influx of tourism – city was welcoming to my camera.

Hospitality. Racheam in the courtyard – he took care of us at our guest house – and these lovely ladies made me my first, and possibly favorite meal of the trip.

The mysteries of Angkor Wat.

Miss, you want to buy? (Yep, that’s my dollar in her hand).

Tough guy. Nice guy. Friends.

Happy people. Our waitress at Khmer Kitchen (yummy) and the saleswoman at Hagar Designs (I LOVE these bags made by disadvantaged women out of recycled materials- you can buy them here, or read more about their mission here).

Mother and child. (My souvenir shirts are from the woman in the middle).

P.S. Check out Michelle’s “view from my window” shot from when we were in Phnom Pehn that just got posted on Andrew Sullivan’s blog.


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