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So the pictures have finally been imported (I was relieved that there were only 2,000 and not 4,000 like I feared) and still going through them. In the meantime, I thought I’d post a few pages from my journal. For the first time ever, I think I found the perfect balance (for me) of creating a journal that’s useful, I actually want to look at and captures my experience. This time I started with a un-lined moleskine (the thin kind because as soon as you start pasting things in, it gets thick real fast), a roll of double-stick tape and went to town. Usually I come home with gobs of paper and things I collected along my way, but this new system forced me to edit as I went. I took business cards wherever we ate/bought something, collected stubs, cool packaging, things I found on the street. Even peeling beer labels became a source of inspiration. Creating the cover became a fun task- inspired by my beloved “tuk-tuks” (an icon of our travels) as I went back to the post office to have her stamp directly on the cover (what it says, I don’t know). I think some of my creative juices got lost in translation as I would have loved [rubber] stampings all over, but still, it ended up as a one of a kind cover for this trip.

Inside I didn’t feel like I had to write a novel. Notes, arrows and comments covered the bases quite well. It even left me time to write 45 postcards!!!

For more ideas that inspired my travel journal check out Marieke’s Treats & Treasures, Felice’s “words” or Troy M. Litten’s China “blank book and a gluestick” journal. How do you journal?


  • Boy am I envious! Now faced with a daunting stack of little bits of random papers and business cards, I find my motivation waning. I highly recommend Anne’s strategy of putting these things together while on the trip (and not after).

  • I love your journal. I really struggle finding a good balance when journaling travel. I either try to do too much or don’t do enough, but yours seems perfect. Love it!!!


  • Hi Anne –
    You have a beautiful blog! Love these journal pages, your photos and your designs.
    Congrats on a lovely blog – I’ve added your link to mine.
    Best wishes!

  • I brought double sided tape to India with me. Its such a good thing to have cause, like you said, you otherwise just end up with a pile of scraps of paper. – Sarah

  • I have loved catching up on you travel preps and journal-keeping. I’ve been on the road in Calabria and accessing the internet has been tricky so I’m enjoying catching up now that we’re ensconced in an apartment in Milan.

    I used to use Moleskins but each type I tried fell apart. I’d be keen to know how yours survives. But then I’m using them for more practical purposes, stuffing them with business cards mainly and more practical notes and descriptions for our books, and then I need to keep referring to them for months, and sometimes years later, and they just don’t hold up. Now I use Arbos ring-bound recycled leather notebooks with recycled paper, which I stock up on whenever I’m in Italy and I find them far superior. You must test them out – you’d love them.

    Looking forward to reading more about your travels!

  • wow – this is absolutely amazing. who needs a cool shirt memento from your trip when you have a treasure chest of memories in the palm of your hand! amazing..

  • just found your blog…

    wow. why don’t i have the dedication to do this? i’ve finally got the disciplne for actually writing anything down while travelling. but i tend to end up with the scraps of paper at the end that everyone’s mentioning!

    lovely scrapbook and great blog.

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