Drawing Reality

I’ve been seeing these drawings turned photographs pop up around the web recently, then Grace posted them yesterday and I couldn’t help sharing. The series is called “Wonderland” and is by Korean artist Yeondoo Jung, who started by collecting drawings of children and then photographed scenes based on the favorites. So sweet on so many levels. Between this and the incredible flight attendants on Korean Air, I’m very intrigued by this country and culture. . . Click here for more!


  • Wow, those are unbelievable. I love the incongruous slices of cakes in the first shot, and the way he actually captured the strange swirl of the diminishing red lamps in the second shot! -X

  • ooh I love these photos! there’s something really wonderful and hopeful about bringing kid’s fantasies to life in this way…

    re: the flight attendants… yeah they look good but they’re not always as helpful as I’d like. I’ve seen customers helping THEM lift luggage.

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