Live More, Fret Less

While working on my new project on Australia over the weekend, I came across these live more, fret less Slow Guides on the Australian blog Daily Imprint. I’m thoroughly intrigued and love the idea of encouraging people to slow down in order to better appreciate everything their city has to offer. The guides are available for Melbourne {excerpt spread below} and Sydney, and of course you’re encouraged to go to an actual bookstore to pick one up, but you can also email them through the website to get a copy of your own. So, slow down, and live it up!


  • Such a great concept…I need to remind myself to slow down more often. When we were in Italy, I bought a small leather snail keychain in Sienna, as a reminder to take it easy:)

  • Well, I’m just about to settle down in my uncle’s big old Australian house in a small country town north of Melbourne to write for a couple of months so I’m going to have to check out this guidebook to Melbourne. Thanks for the tip!

    Having just spent 3 months in Italy (and been many times before over many years), I have my theories about the Slow Movement in Italy (which I’ll post on soon) – I think it’s a bit of a farce and an excuse for poor service – but in Australia I think slowing down (whether at work or play) is an absolute necessity, especially in Sydney and Melbourne.

    One of the reasons I left Sydney over 10 years ago was because life there was too fast. It was like New York and London – everyone was always too busy to do anything – it’s nice to think things are changing there, that the pace might be slowing down at last.

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