To the Beach!

In my continued quest to regain my summer, last weekend I decided last minute (we’re talking decision Friday morning and left Friday afternoon) to head to the beach with my friend Lisa and her dog Loretta.The first night we camped at Cape Henolopen State Park where Lisa scored us a last minute camping plot that had just opened up (make sure you make a reservation in summer months). We slept in a $30 tent from Target and Loretta kept watch.

In the morning we walked to the beach. We practically had it to ourselves, but man, the water was COLD!Later that afternoon we headed over Rehoboth a bit down the road = not empty! (Water still cold).

And played games on the Boardwalk. I won at Whac-A-Mole!
Saturday night we stopped in St. Michaels (Maryland) to visit our friend Phil and his family where we got a great tour of this waterfront town and ate delicious fresh fruit and veggies straight from the garden.A scene from Wedding Crashers was filmed here (right).Such a cute town!


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