Walk on the Wild Side

All summer Hannah over at Chronicle Books has been posting excerpts from their City Walks: New York, Toronto, Barcelona, Paris (I think the kids version is uber cute!), San Fran, Los Angeles They are a totally great way to explore a place as a local or visitor. Each deck has 50 adventures with detailed descriptions and fun ideas, accompanied by wonderful maps (you know I love that that…maybe when I collect them all I’ll use them as a faux wall paper to create a giant map of all my favorite places). You can find all the fun travel related posts here, and tons more City Walks here.

Go forth and discover your city this weekend (why not create your own walks too!). Report back here on Monday and share any of your discoveries.

Have a great weekend!!!! (And don’t forget Mother Goosed! [water ballet] starts this weekend!!!)


  • i am a huge fan of yours- this blog is fantastic! since you are such a fan of maps: did you go to the festival of maps at all? i thought the main exhibit at the walters was fascinating. and in terms of exploring, i picnicked in patterson park and went to the creative alliance at the patterson’s salsapolkalooza festival today. both were so awesome! southeast baltimore has got a lot going on.
    i look forward to going to the fluid movement performance tomorrow!

  • I bought the City Walks Paris guide, since I’ll be studying there next year. Already I’m planning to walk every inch of the city! I think the best job in the world is probably putting those City Walks together, though… What an adventure.

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