36 Pictures: Cambodia + Thailand

The New York Times runs my favorites series, 36 Hours, but here’s my own spin “36 Pictures.” I’m not sure how I did it, but somehow 12 days and 2,000 pictures have been condensed into 36 pictures. Click here and enjoy!

{images: Kids glued to the TV in a Cambodian market and goldfish at “destination” restaurant Chote Chitr.}


  • What a wonderful summary of pictures from our trip! Now I don’t have to get off my lazy butt and compile them :-)

  • Anne, those are amazing! What is going on in the photo near the end with the sticks in the different silver containers (a giant popsicle-maker)?

  • It’s this crazy thing that uses dry ice (?) and you pour different flavors in the compartment, add as stick, and voila, in no time flat you have a frozen popsicle (I think)! I wish I would have tried one. We saw them several times as we wandered around the giant weekend market (which is definitely worth checking out – the type of place where you could spend a year and not see it all).


  • I tried one of the popsicle sticks at Chatuchak Market, and unfortunately they aren’t as good as they should be! Lots of sugar and not much flavor, but it was only 5 baht (15¢) and it did take the edge off the sweltering heat for a moment!

    BTW, I love this blog!! Great work.

  • Great collection of images! I especially love the shot of the guard at Angkor, staring out into the distance.

    And Jamie is very right- those popsicles are not as good as they look. Often times they’re made by freezing soda- which tastes as good as it sounds.

    I definitely need to try Chote Chitr when I get back to Bangkok… -X

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