i AMsterdam

I’m not ashamed to admit that since the Olympics started Friday, I’ve managed to fit in well over 20 hours of coverage. (It helps that I had a big freelance deadline tomorrow [Australia!], keeping me inside most of Saturday and the fact that the Olympics are worthy enough to keep on in the background at parties). I’ve become a regular encyclopedia of sob stories and random factoids, and loving every minute. And did you see- that 4×100 meter free relay? Incredible!!! Strangely enough I’m even finding the commercials more intriguing than usual.

I’m loving the catchyness of the Amstel Light Amsterdam commercial that showcases the beer as quintessentially Amsterdam. It definitely did its job as it took me back to my trip (and makes me want to go back and drink and Amstel Light while at it). I also love what the city has done with the “i AMsterdam” campaign that I started to see during my visit. How fun is that big sign that invites people to climb over it? So between this dam beer commercial, the Frugal Traveler in Amsterdam and the opening of the new Graphic Design Museum, Amsterdam is most definitely on my mind again. {image via design:related}

p.s. has anyone come across any good video of the theatrical portion of the Opening Ceremonies. I was in transit for that portion of the show, saw amazing pictures and heard great thing, but strangely cannot find much online.


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