Make & Do

These days DIY [do it yourself] is all the rage, but back it the day it was called “make and do.” My mom knew it well as I would wake her up at the crack of dawn to “make something.” I’d constantly check out the same crafty book over (I have no idea the title, but it involved bears making crafts) from the public library, but funny how we never thought to buy the book. Anyway, in the past year, the ability to do anything DIY-style has only gotten easier. Check out all these fun resources below:

* Custom designed Keds at (you can also design your own apron, bag, tie, hat and so much more!) {via HOW}
* Ponoko laser cut jewelry, accessories, furniture and more – turn your ideas into the real thing, and you can sell them here too {via Baltimore by Hand}
* Publish your own book (and sell it in the marketplace) on Blurb, Lulu, or CafePress {via SFgirlbybay, image from Couples, by John Hack on Blurb.}
* Design your own t-shirt (or print) and vote on your favorites at Threadless {t-shirt by Ross Zietz}
* Create your own pattern, submit it and see if you scored high enough for it to be made into a real product (and win money): wall covering, ties and more at Naked and Angry. {ice by Jess Gonacha – vote here} * Sick of ugly tissue boxes? Design your own Kleenex box here. {image via papercrave}* Customize your own M&Ms or Dove chocolate wrappers at My M&M – how romantic!
Whew! If that’s not enough to keep you busy, then nothing is!…Time to put all those travel photos to good use :)


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