For the past year or so I’ve been wearing gold shoes (J.Crew offers a similar pair these days for like 3x as much as I paid) and this year I added bronze ones to the mix. All I have to say is metallics go with everything (making them the perfect shoe to pack while traveling)! While gold and bronze shoes can make a bit of a statement, winning a gold or a bronze in the Olympics is a major statement! And watching two of my former teammates – who had never rowed before college – powering to the finish line to win bronze [Wyatt Allen in the men’s 8] and gold [Lindsay Shoop in the women’s 8] yesterday was just awesome!!! Congrats wahoos!!!!

  • Watch the women’s gold medal race here
  • Big rowing men on little Chinese bikes here
  • Any sport done right makes it look easy. See Wyatt’s 2004 Athen’s gold medal + WR win here.
  • All Beijing rowing results here
{Olympic medals – enlayed with jade [pictured above] – unveiled here}

P.S. Is anyone else starting to get annoyed that event results are all over the front pages of Olympic coverage, but none of it has aired yet!?!??!

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  • Yes! I’m indeed getting sick of ladies volleyball and swimming. I wish they would air some equestrian events…

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