Playing it Safe

Six years ago while we were docked in China, my task at hand was to research AIDS in China and analyze what was being done and what could be done about the growing risk in this huge population. One thing was for sure: talk about sex (and condoms) was taboo. So one of the solutions we came up with in this paper was to use the Olympics as an vehicle to bring the discussion to the forefront.
I remember from Athens and Sydney games hearing that insane amounts of sex occurs at the Olympic Village (strapping young people, and not everyone who comes to the games can expect to win gold). According to USA Today, the Beijing Olympics were no different, with over 100,000 condoms distributed to the 10,500 athletes. Clearly the Chinese condom maker Elasun decided to have a little fun with the games. How great are these ads???? {images via condomunity – click to see more}P.S. Durex was another big condom “donor” for the games. So while on the subject, you may as well click here to see their brilliant ad campagin (click on the download here tabs to see the taglines). {thanks, Jen R!}


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