Car Free DC

Yesterday on my walk to the Metro in DC, I stopped in my tracks and grinned as I saw the ad on the side of a bus for DC’s Car Free Day on September 22nd. While this is my life everyday (see my Top 10 reasons to live without a car), clearly I’m not the norm. Car Free Day is actually an international event, so mark your calendars now and see if you can live up to the challenge on the 22nd!

{image via Car Free DC}


  • Love it. Also, love your Top 10 post. I must have missed that while in Europe. I’ve never had a car and only found it challenging briefly after moving 10 hours away from home for college. Five years later, you couldn’t give me a car. Ok, maybe you could give me one. But I most certainly prefer not having one. My bike does just fine.

  • Oh shoot… if we were not driving to the airport that day, we would most certainly leave the car in the garage. We do feel good about the fact that even though we have a car, we take it out on the road on average once a week. Twice if we JUST HAVE TO.

  • Ironically enough, there were “massive delays” on the orange and blue lines this morning, causing me and hundreds of angry metro riders at my station to scramble for cabs and wait in very long lines for the bus. Funny that someone who is permanently car free was forced into a car today of all days!

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