Jeff Koons Versailles

I was updating my links (on the right) and came across this exciting new retrospective, Jeff Koons Versailles, on Go Go Paris. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of “art out of context” so I love the idea of the juxtaposition of contemporary art in Louis XIV’s fabulous chateau outside of Paris. And after recently seeing the work of Anish Kapoor at the ICA, contemporary art is really growing on me. Just for kicks I decided to look up airfare and was thoroughly depressed to learn that a ticket to Paris will run you $900 (minimum) these days! Ah, and it was just two years ago that I went to Paris on a whim, buying my ticket for half that price and was on a plane two weeks later. Guess I’m limited to vicarious internet travel for the time being…

Click here to see what the NYTimes has to say about the exhibition.

{images via HIPDESIGNetwork on Flickr. Click for more}


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