Time Travel

I’ve been in a Mad Men obsessed frenzy lately (yay Netflix!) and loving the incredible style and fashions on the show (but not loving the way women were treated). So as I sit here typing this post in my favorite new vintage frock from the 60s (and a steal for $18 at Hampdenfest this weekend!) and loving the respect I’m given as a woman in 2008, I still can’t help but dream of traveling back to a different era. Even though this event [above] already happened (and yes, I know the 60s are different from the 20s), I can only think how cool it would be to travel back in time. . . Don’t believe me? Just check out the awesome pics Joanna Goddard posted on the Glamour Smitten blog (and on flickr) from the Jazz-Age Lawn party. . . Too bad the rain put a damper on the Great Gatsby garden party in Baltimore this weekend.

When/where would you travel to if you could?


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