Tis the Season

One thing is for sure about this political season – you couldn’t write some of this drama if you tried. I’ve never been an overly political person, but this year it’s like crack and I just can’t turn away.

Just as fun as the legitimate news, is all the fodder it’s left us for hilarious satire. If you missed the Saturday Night Live skit with Tina Fey (Sarah Palin = spot on) and Amy Poehler (Hillary Clinton), you must be living under a rock! Below is another favorite, “Les Misbarack,” that totally made my day yesterday. Enjoy (note: you may have to refresh the page a few times to get the videos to play) and feel free to add links to your favorites in the comments.

And to my international readers, I must ask – what sense of the US election? the candidates? the coverage? The media is surely never going to critique itself, so I figure this may be as close as I can get to an unbiased opinion.

And to all my traveled readers, is anyone else disturbed by the fact that Sarah Palin has never really traveled (abroad and domestic)? She’s “been to Ireland” – but that was for a fuel stop. She visited troops abroad (but lied about going into Iraq), and nothing against our troops, but is war really a fair view of world relations and how the rest of the world functions? Travel isn’t something for those who lead a charmed life, it’s something that helps open our eyes to the world and how other people live. And call me crazy, but it’s a fundamental view/experience that I’d like someone running my country to have.


  • Maybe you would like to clarify what exactly you mean by a “charmed life”. Most would agree that Sarah Palin’s life has not been “charmed”. Rather she has led a pretty ordinary, yet honorable life focused around family and the outdoors. And, while you say you mean “nothing against our troops” your comment – “is war really a fair view of world relations and how the rest of the world functions” – comes across as a degrading yet naive statement. As someone who has traveled to Iraq within the past three years and who has several relatives currently serving in Iraq I should let you know that such war torn regions give one a glimpse of how MANY live throughout the world. Thank goodness for America’s strength to help so many persecuted and impoverished individuals throughout the world.

  • Anon – Thank you for your response. Although, I think you may have misinterpreted my comment. My statement about the “charmed life” was meant to be a general statement about what some people feel about travel (my argument is that anyone can do it and it’s invaluable). . . I am the first to admit I am not a fan of war. In my mind understanding the rest of the world has to do with understanding every day life. Of course war plays a major role in the world and you do get some insight into day to to life, but there is more to it as well. Travel opens many doors to the world.

    When it comes to politics, it’s clear that there is room to disagree.


  • I agree that I do not want someone running our country has very little to no experience visiting the rest of the world- whether it be for political or personal reasons. I also think that “Anonynouse” totally misinterpreted this post. And is a wimp for not posting their name.

  • And one more thing- from all the spelling/grammar errors in my above post, it should be obvious that i never learned to read. My bad.

  • I find it disturbing as well. Our country is at an all time low in terms of international relations. My favorite line from the SNL video–“I can see Russia from my house.”

  • Hear, hear! If I am hiring someone to interact with foreign leaders at the HIGHEST level I want them to have some experience. It should be a job requirement. We are part of an international community.

  • Lipstick does not make a woman, or the (potential) leader of America.

    I find it terrifying that Sarah Palin has been deemed a good enough candidate, to have been chosen.

    There has been coverage here (Australia) of American men who have decided to vote republican because they feel that they are supporting the females in their family.
    Its a ridiculous notion, and I would want someone voted in because of their ability to do the job, to communicate diplomatically with other countries and to be able to rebuild America financially irrespective of their sex or their religion.

    Anon, I have family who are Iraqi and family whom serve in Iraq, I feel you have misinterpreted the post.

  • The fact that people think they are doing anything for women’s rights by picking McCain/Palin boggles my mind.

    I think that many Americans only care about the U.S.A. and to them foreign diplomacy doesn’t matter. We do what we want, whenever, wherever. It’s crap… but I am afraid that that is the mentality of so many people. Perhaps if travel abroad was encouraged more things would be better?

    Thanks for posting the SNL skit! It’s always good to laugh. :)

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